Board of Directors

Who We Are

The purposes and objects of the Arkansas Air & Military Museum are to establish and maintain a museum for the public display of aircraft, aviation artifacts and military memorabilia form the earliest period to the present with special attention to items related to the state of Arkansas.   The Arkansas Air & Military Museum will also establish and maintain a library of related materiel and encourage the restoration and preservation of aircraft, aviation artifacts, and military-related items.  The Arkansas Air & Military Museum also strives to educate the public about the cultural and historical significance, and the technological developments related to items on display.

Board of Directors Executive Committee, 2019

  • President:  Joel Gardner
  • Vice President:  James Gray
  • Secretary: Kristi Younkin/Jeffry Gates
  • Treasurer: August (Gus) Kuklinski/Ray Boudreaux
  • Executive Director:  Sally Ebbrecht (Acting)

Additional Board Members Include:

  • Rick Bailey
  • Dave Bowman
  • Niki Cung
  • Rick McKinney
  • Don Seaman
  • Heath Ward
  • Matt Younkin

Honorary Board Member:

  • Leonard McCandless

Ex. Officio Board Member:

  • Summer Fallen