Howard DGA-18K


It’s not what you think…

No, it’s not a Ryan PT-22. This two-place monowing Howard was one of several trainers stationed in Fayetteville during the Second World War. One of the few surviving DGA-18Ks, N39668 was flown from late 1941 until March 1943 as a secondary trainer for pilots in the 305th College Training Detachment. Cadets would receive primary training in the Piper J-3 Cub, then advance to the Howard.

Roughly 75 of the metal and fabric DGA-18s were built, making this a rare collectable. The forward fuselage of the DGA-18 is metal, with a fabric covering from the cockpit to the rudder. The wings are wooden with a thin layer of mahogany plywood covering the ribs. The fabric covering the plywood makes for a smooth, rivetless surface.

Fayetteville Flying Service made extensive use of the DGA-18K, owning four of these aircraft during the 1940s.

The Howard DGA-18K was donated to the Arkansas Air Museum by Robert Gast of Steger, Illinois.